Why do you need Savenergee?

With Savenergee,
you have the great advantage of
total control of energy consumption
within your company. Having intelligent energy saving without affecting user work productivity, you start saving money. Before we start, do you know how much energy is wasted in your company? Maybe it costs you additional hundreds or thousands
of dollars every year and you
don't know it yet.

According to Gartner study, 45%
of business computers do. Users
leave computers running at night, typical reasons being that the perceived waiting time for the computers to boot up is too long or keeping the current state
of the computer opened is
critical for users.

Do your computers suffer from chronic insomnia?


Increase productivity

Maintain or increase employees productivity by eliminating the daily wait for computers to boot up. It is specifically developed not to hinder day-to-day operations. It intelligently blocks power-saving features when designated applications are running.

Get an exact overview

You receive reports and graphics overview of weekly and monthly saving costs. Less energy consumption, more savings for your future investments, through smart hibernation setting turned on.

Step into control

Monitor and limit energy consumption of related wasting energy devices within your company. Enforce and centrally manage your equipments power settings, applying and fine tuning strict power save policies on a long term.

Track energy loss

With a smart tracking usage solution for energy saving, you spot energy loss and enable automatic energy save mode with business hours context profiles. You can also add workstations to energy saving groups.



Secure your data

Enhance data security by reducing valuable data displayed on unattended PCs that may be seen by unauthorized people. Safely avoiding potential user data loss and application errors, and also command to enable deployment of security patches or new applications out of office hours.

Protect your business

Protect your company by enabling and generating reports related to power-on equipments. By our friendly-use features you are able to protect your business from energy loss and decrease environmental impact.

Start saving energy costs